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An Open Open Letter To The Boy I Cant Have




The moment I first saw you, I knew I will be counting from one to ten. Just inches away from each other, I already knew I felt something. Something so surreal like this. As you sauntered that hallway, I suddenly felt alive. Awake, even. Tall and faired skinned, I was dumbfounded by your glory, and it suddenly hit me. I’ve never felt my heart on the verge of exploding like this before.



Days turn into weeks, Hellos were exchanged, yet I still could feel my heart clawing its way out of my chest. Numbers are my worst dilemma, but the moment you opened my notebook filled with a plethora of numbers, I knew things change. You are my favorite, yet worst distraction. Changes happened in a fleeting pace. I could still reminisce the day we ate lunch together, and I let myself get immersed in those passing moments that felt like it could last forever. My breath hitches and I could feel panic creeping in my head whenever you’re around, but I force myself to get my act together.



Twelve is my favorite especially when I hear your velvety voice bounce in my head as you recite your spoken words. This feels like a delusional fairytale to me, except that it’s currently happening in my life.



And suddenly, reality sunk in. I am not born into an alternate universe. You were just a man, a dream that I could never have. I guess confessing would be the only way to face your fear, but all it did was to inflict my only fear: losing you.



One hundred five days ago, that was my fear when I first meet you, but seventeenth days ago, I stand back up again.absorbed reality and let the past go, together with my feelings towards you. One step at a time, slowy and steady, just to make sure I wouldn’t be wrong this time. The past three months felt like a rollercoaster ride. I was a wimp person when I first met you, and after we rode together, I knew the fear I used to have from the start dissipated. I become wiser and stronger. It wasn’t my choice to fall for you. It just happened, and I guess I’m at fault.



This experience felt like the waves that crash to the sand, it just crashes and goes, crashes and go. Repetitive, and mundane, but soothing and serene.






An Open Letter For The Seasons

An Open Letter For The Seasons 
We meet at the beginning of Spring And its feels like dream,We Like To Stay Up All Night to get hype,but darling its a Stripe,

Summer is our favorite time together,Dancing around the bonfire,stargazingAltogether.Im always lost when you laugh its like im chopping myself into half.

Autumn Falls like its the end of the world,But its just the end of the roadPlaying around in the middle of the Field,seems like there is no springfield

The Breeze Of Winter Falls,Just like My feelings Toward Yours,Cold warm Blankets and making forts is all we do,Season Change but our friendship will Stay the same,We plan out everything through out the seasons but nothing Will Change,Look at the moon and Stars i know its seems so far,but with Faith And Love,your going to reached It like the HOLIDAYS CHASING ITS SEASON. 

hello everyone whoa im back !! i was so inspired to make this poem .and this is my first ever poem that i publish on tell me guys if you like it.i would love to hear you guys gonna be updated on my site !!!

Doobi Doobi Dap Dap Squad

Summer 2017 Where one of the best memories.5 different girls who has a beautiful like sisters.its was completely unplanned.we meet through mutual friends.and now they are all important to me they are the best part of me.our sleepless summer nights,horrors movies we watch even though we all get easily scared, ( and they get annoyed when i filmed it hahaha) our foodtrips,roadtrips,pranking people on the street ( which is so fun lol ) our heart to heart talks ( which is my fav) OUR TRADITIONAL 7ELEVEN TIME. (we go there every single day ! ) our guitar session with (childhood men friend haha) and my favorite just being with each other company.when you run out of words just starring at them,being with them,it just made my lucky iam to have them in my life.they accpect how weird iam they see my flaws,they are my defender,and i always know they got my back,and i got theirs too.but its time to say goodbye our lipton iced tea girl is going back to Australia. the good times turn to sad times,the laughs,turn into sadness,no words just tears falling down.Goodbyes arent easy and it will never be.we hug each other like there is no tommorow.trying so hard not to cry.seeing her moving away breaks our heart into thousand pieces,but we know we will see her again verry soon.counting down the days until we see her break our sadness we video was always fun its feels like were in each other company we loved our kabaliwan talks BECAUSE ALL OF US ARE OA HAHAHA. AND just hearing each other voices calms us.were always looking back on our memories together.our hangouts and nonsense jokes.were just spreading love and happiness.because She left her heart to this lucky man (summer love here in philippines.) And looking it now our friendships and bond together become more stronger despite the distance.because we all know we got each other back and our friendship is much more stronger than just distance. and we might not have it all.but WERE TOGETHER WE HAVE IT you and miss you doobi doobi dap dap squad ( we called our squad doobi doobi because of willie hahhaha its philippines noon time show hahaha) xxxx 

our sleepover i miss it so much xx

basketball time HAHHA 12AM !! 

SM 💖

Hola June

I havent been able to write for awhile now.and time flies its already june.its feel like yesteday im planning my summer.and now were all busy because school year is about to start.and today it made realize there is a huge impact that comes to my mind.while watching and seeing everyone in our court today.that im still stucked in my own world,i think i knew everything but im not,i think that i could be like them.but im not.i couldnt stand up.there is this world i been missing stuck with myself and my own little made me realize that im more comfortable with myself and a small group of friends rather than a bunch and you know that it will not be good for you.and i still loved staying at home and watch youtube videos hahaha.i love nights when me and ate yumi go to sjv6 and have our ihaw stress level will be crazy this month.alot of unexpected things and surprises will surprise you.and im prepared for it (kinda) hope everyone will have the best of june.bring it on.its gonna be an exciting  . 

Sunshine April

I cant just easily let go of march because its been an amazing and adventurous month for me! And i still have alot of photos in my camera that i havent been able to upload.Alot of first happen.but as they said everything has its own goodbye and we need to move forward for a brighter tommorow.woahh i just made it up haha.Its Officially Summer Season Here In The Philippines !! its always the month for me where i get soaked under the sun and celebrations happen because its my mom and brother birth expecting alot of travelling and exploring cool and fun places.and support my brother because he play basketball we have here in our village a summer sportsfest its really fun ! Im looking forward for you april i cant predict what will happen will see.but im so excited.late nights talks with coffee,reading books with a brezze of fresh air,going on a hike,dipped in the beach,eat summer fruits ! And taking candid instagram worthy photos !What more could you ask for? Making sure my summer of 2017 will gonna be the best summer ever !! How about you guys? Whats your summer plans or in other country whats your april plans? Will you go on a travel? Stay at home? Watch netflix,go to the mall? Or your just like me living loving life at outdoors activities !! Pls let me know by commenting down below !! I would love to read and chat with you guys !! and also there is alot of fools today !! Be aware hahaha april fools day !! P.S dont forget to drink water and your sunglasses and sunblock ! You gotta be prepared ! Happy April Everyone ! Godbless 

Hello Ilocos

Hey Everyone ! Last March,17,18,19 2017 ! I Travel To Go To Ilocos ! Its a 10 hrs trip from manila to ilocos sur.our first stop is soon as i laid my feet on the ground i feel like im living the spanish time.its like your living the past.ilocos is rich with their culture every street has its story the place,foods,and its people has a story they want to share.i was fasicinated.its a nonstop trip once we got too see the place for an average 30 mins we go back to the van then go to other places.i wish i have more time to just walk and be there explore even the smallest and not so important story.after we go to ilocos sur we drove around 1hr and 30 mins to go to laog city and check in for our hotel we stayed in casa de viajero which is verry cozy and i love its nature vibes. Day 01 Of Our Ilocos Sur Trip I learned and see their famous museum ,zoo,church all about old structure, and they serve delicious foods and their restaurant is amazing.and they share their stroy during the spaniard time.its a Spanish Era Coming To Life.everything about vigan is verry rich in history.then the 2nd day we go to ilocos norte this time i explore old tower,lighthouse,rock formation,and of course beach ! Pagudpud is boracay of the north ! White sands,waves,and perfect blue sky what more could you ask for? Its a bliss saturday and a sweaty one ! From riding the van to walking to running.because im always the last person who arrived on the call time.but it was such a memorable experience for me.the long hour drive its worth it.i wish i had more to time to explore.but this is not the last time i will see you ilocos.i encourage everyone to come and visit ilocos because you will never regret that you go there.filled with amuse and memories are made.there is so much more too see in ilocos and i cant wait for you guys to unfold its beauty.

The ilocos trip wouldnt complete without kalesa ride.

IMG_4226 2IMG_4231



Mt.Mabilog,Yambo Lake,Bunga Twin Falls,Nagcarlan Adventure

Last March 10,2017 I Go To Nagcarlan Laguna To Hike Mt.Mabilog It Was An Easy Treak.But i slide down when we are going down haha but its a good pain because its part of hiking. When you reach the summit of mt.mabilog its so pretty you will see the 7 lakes of san pablo.Its a cool down and relaxed.I love everything about it,the life there and the banana tree,sugar cane (tubo) i also see cow,horse.and how the people livin their life. It was so simple yet relaxed i wanna live there.and i also see yambo lake it was so stunning its a quiet and relaxed place.its a place where you can stop bothering about your problems and just chill and relaxed you could also eat there while riding bamboo raft.And Then we go to bunga twins falls its a twin falls so i think its pretty cool i took a thousand of photos there because its so pretty but sadly i dont know how to swim so i just dip then soaking into the was an awesome time.Then We Boodle Fight It Was Yummy And Im So Full Then our last destination is underground cementery.its verry historic and amazing.over all our nagcarlan laguna trip is so amazing i enjoyed every minute of it.and i cant wait to come back !!! Another Amazing Memories Are Made ! New Adventures And Discovery !






The Rockies Mt.Maculot

Last March 5 We Went To The Rockies,Mt.Maculot In Cuenca Batangas.And It Was Memorable Because Its My First Time To Go On A took us 2 hrs to get there.and for me as a first timer its kinda difficult the treaking is challenging.but i like has 13 stops where you could drink water and take a has 3 parts.the first one is the rockies,summit,and the grotto we decided to go to the rockies first.and then summit then grotto.but we change plan because if we go to summit it would take us around night to go we just go to was so tiring but when you see the view it is worth it ! It was so perfect !! The scenery is everything ! A pinterest coming to life ! The camera couldnt do the justice because it was so stunning ! And shoutout to our tour guide ! For helping me all the way ! He guide me from the start until we go down.he carry my backpack which is so heavy.the tour guide cost 400 pesos to go to rockies.and then if you go to grotto and summit it will cost 800 pesos ! Its Definitely worth the cost.i really recommend to go to will never fail to amaze you Philippines is stunning. Its more fun in the philippines.MY MT.MACULOT TRAVEL DIARY MY MT.MACULOT VLOG :

I Took This Photo When We Are Halfway Through to campsite.

I Buy Tungkod To Help Me To The Challenging Road

A lil stop again.


A Selfie !

Classic Jumpshot 💕

A Yoga Pose 





Adventurous March

Wow Its really is march already ! But im kicking it to a good month start morning run and gym.and it never been this the philippines march is the graduation season and the school year is little brother is graduating from elementary.and basically summer is coming and waving at us.we had trips planned.its gonna be my first time to go on a hike on a mountain.which is so exciting and im gonna Probbly be vlogging and post a blog about the so excited what march has store for me and also you guys.hope its gonna be great if not life must go on.have a blessed month.and also its ash wednesday today.March Im Looking And Waving To You.

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